Navigating Plitvice Lakes National Park

When my friend I were deciding where to go last September, Croatia was on the shortlist. After a quick Google image search of ‘plitvice waterfalls’, it secured its place on the itinerary. There are MANY reasons to visit Croatia, but those vivid turquoise lakes and cascading waterfalls are mighty compelling. HOW WE GOT THERE We … Continue reading Navigating Plitvice Lakes National Park

My Favourite Museum in the World

The Kiss, Gustav Klimt It takes a lot for me to get teary, but the Belvedere Museum in Vienna has gotten me dewey-eyed twice. Home of Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’, I’ve been lucky enough to visit this extraordinary palace slash museum on two occasions. The Belvedere complex comprises of two palaces (the Upper and the Lower) … Continue reading My Favourite Museum in the World